A girl wearing a shiny blue micro bikini.

She posing in shiny bikini.

What a beautiful brunette. Her name is Emily Love. She grew up in the capital city of North Dakota where she was always surrounded by wild animals and her fondest memories were of nice visits to the many local zoos. She started fashion & glamour modeling at the age of 20 while attending college in Bismarck. But she said she hates school... Her unusual fondness for big animals led her to sunny Southern CA where she hopes to one day work as a public relations agent for the amazing San Diego Zoo. Without a success. She is working at a local water park as a shallow water hostess now. But she hates her new job too. Supervisors hate their staff. She must to wear an ugly uniform. Never mind. As a employee she has a free entry ticket so she loves gets to spend her life wearing a bathing suits (yeah dude... you see exactly what I'm talking about...) after a work. And guys like that idea for sure... I hope. She is beautiful, nice and still single. I wonder why? Emily! Take it easy... Have a lot of happiness in your life and don't be so sad.

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