Topless girl in wet panties near a pool.

A girl in wet panties near a swiming pool.

Damn! What a pure Kitty. What the hell are you doing? Are you OK? Are you trying to watered a swimming pool? Come on. It is not a grass. :) Never mind - make it rain... I know your name Jody. You need something long and hard in your hand every day. But a garden hose!? :) That's a good idea for sure but it is what means to think differently... OMG guys, look there is nothing hotter than seeing a sexy American girl in plain white wet cotton panties flashing outdoor near her home. And topless. I have an erection now.

Look at me darling. I wanna see your face and much more. Well I wanna kiss her yummy nipples so hard. Hmmm those cute feet & toes are hot too. Yes honey, it's always nice to do something close to home, and it's always sweet to get some fresh air and sun for the nude boobs. We all support you. Go ahead. Another hottie who likes the sun and the water. Let's go play!

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